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Americana Computer Systems

Americana Computer Systems

Enterprise Storage

► HP

  • Converge Storage
    • HP 3PAR StoreSery storage
      Really the only primary storage architecture necessary
    • HP Store Once Backup
      Industry-leading high-speed and flexible disk backup / recovery
    • HP StoreAll storage
      Ideal for hyper-scale storage management and use of archive content to expand
    • HP StoreVirtual storage
      Depending on the growth of business, and expansion from a virtual environment to a physical environment. Leverage a combination of platform functions common, manageability, and excellent operability

  • Backup, recovery, and archive
    It will eliminate the boundaries of traditional data protection and retention
    • HP StoreOnce
      Fast and flexible disk backup / recovery solution of industry-leading
    • HP StoreAll
      It is the best hyper-scale storage management and utilization of the archive to expand
    • HP StoreEver tape
      Long-term realized at low cost data protection

  • HP Storage Network
    Enhanced connectivity between storage and servers in the data centre
    • VHF StoreFabric storage network
      HP StoreFabric is, respond to any data center needs, provides a scalable and reliable high-performance storage infrastructure solutions

Americana Computer Systems

Americana Computer Systems


  • Transform Data Into Valuable Information
  • Transform raw data into valuable information by making yourdata more accessibleand simplerto manage. As the leaderin storagevirtualization, only Hitachi Data Systems offers a central, virtualized platform for all data and information. Offering a complete portfolio of storage systems, NAS subsystems and content platforms to optimally consolidate your storage infrastructure and give you best in class availability and performance to meet the needs of your business applications.
    • Hitachi Flash Storage Portfolio
    • Hitachi Unified Storage 100 Family
    • Hitachi Unified Storage VM
    • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
    • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 61000

  • Enterprise-Class File Sync And Share
  • Your users want seamless, work-related file sharing and synchronization anywhere, on any device just like the free consumer cloud options. IT wants it too, to reduce these problems:
    • Data outside the control and governance of corporate IT
    • Inefficient storage and network utilization because of massive duplication of content
    • Reduced employee productivity from storage inefficiencies
    • High cost for storage, backup, and data management

Americana Computer Systems

► NetApp

NetApp storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, high application uptime, and simplified data management.

  • FAS Storage Systems
    • FAS8000 Series
    • FAS2500 Series
    • FlexArray Storage Virtualization Software
    • Disk Shelves & Storage Media
    • Intelligent Caching: Virtual Storage Tier

  • E-Series Storage Systems
    • E5600
    • E5500
    • E2700

Americana Computer Systems


  • Dell Compellent
    Boost application performance and efficiently scale on demand. Power critical workloads with intelligent, self-optimized, auto-tiered storage
  • Dell Equal Logic
    Consolidate data with virtualized iSCSI storage built on an intelligent peer architecture. Get auto-load balancing and built-in data protection
  • Dell Power Vault
    Optimize storage with affordable, easy-to-use DAS, SAN and NAS solutions, designed for smaller-scale consolidation and virtualization projects