BACKUP SOLUTION Automatic backup may occur on a schedule to a designated backup drive

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Backup Solution

Data backup software is an application used to create a duplicate copy of data to safeguard it and enable recovery in the event it is lost corrupted or infected by malware.

Data can generally be backed up in any operating system (OS) without the use of specialized software. A user could copy files from the hard drive to a secondary storage device such as an external disk. Data backup software can simplifythe task. Paths to data can be numerous and confusing, but backup software has a built-in understanding of the folder structures.

Automatic backup may occur on a schedule or upon connection to a designated backup drive. Automating the process saves administrative time and prevents the possibility that the task will be forgotten. Automatic backup software may use dates on files, file types, and specified and common default folders such as the user folders in windows to identify data for backup. Users can also outsource backup as a service, which is typically provided as cloud backup.