Health IT Provinding services for hundreds of the WOWs supplied across SEHA hospital

Americana Computer Systems

Health Information Technology

Americana focuses on resources capacity and availability of our engineers regarding supplying and services WOWs to all SEHA hospitals across the Emirates.

Americana is currently providing warranty and after warranty services for hundreds of the WOWs supplied across SEHA hospital which include SKMC, Rahba Hospital, Mafraq Hospital, Corniche Hospital, AHS, SOS, Al Ain Hospital, Tawam Hospital & all western region hospitals. We have 6 specially trained WOW service engineer who lead a team of 12 engineers, in addition to technicians and helps, during installation and service of WOWs. With this said, we make sure the hospitals receive maximum support location.

Upon hospitals service calls, our technical coordinator will assign a case number and trained engineer to help identify & assist with technical issue in a timely manner.

Each support tier is allocated a certain amount of time to resolve the incident as per the warranty terms and conditions or per the SLA if applicable, following which the incident must be functionally escalated to a more specialized group. The amount of the time allocated to each Her is set so that service restoration occurs within the agreed targets, as defined in the manufacturer warranty or per the SLA applicable.

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