IT consultant


If you have a business computer network and you need technical support, Function One Computer Services is the only place you need to look. We can provide an excellent computer technical support services to your company.

Function One Computer Services provide our customers with a one-stop comprehensive IT Consultant Services. Our experienced team of IT Consultants work day to night to ensure quality and healthy IT environment for our managed client. Together to one of the world’s most advance and well developed IT automation technology, Function One IT Consultants are standing on guard whenever your business is in need.

  • System & networking monitoring
    Real time system & networking monitoring can eliminates risk of downtime or sudden disruptions with greater follow-on consequences. Our IT consultant will provide a system trouble free system & networking monitoring solution.
  • Server based computing
    Function One IT Consultant Server Based Computing (SBC) technology enable our clients to perform software upgrades, application deployment, technical support, registry modification, and system monitoring in one click on one single interface, making IT managing easier and more efficient.
  • Storage management
  • Security
  • Email server management
  • Anti-spam management
  • Helpdesk
    Function One Consultant Service takes care of all your helpdesk need. Our talented and experience IT Consultants are always standing by in our state-of-the-art facility to answer any IT concerns you and your staff may come across to.
  • Remote backup
  • Internet access management
  • Security System