RFID consulting from Americana

Short for radio frequency identification, RFID is a dedicated short range communication (DSRC) technology. The term RFID is used to describe various technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. RFID technology is similar to the bar code identification systems we see in retail stores everyday; however one big difference between RFID and bar code technology is that RFID does not rely on the line-of-sight reading that bar code scanning requires to work.

RFID has the potential to offer key benefits and significant improvements to the organizations performance.The amount of data generated from an RFID application necessitates proper system design and putting into perspective the technology need of the business processes. Relegating this key point would make RFID another data collection technology of which the organization would not be able to harness its full potential. The proper RFID design and integration with the IT infrastructure facilitates real time visibility.

The end result is a strategic platform for business optimization. The perfect understanding of your business processes when applied to RFID system design can provide your organization the necessary technological edge in your business. It will also provide more transparency and better visibility across your organization. Your first step in implementing the system is crucial to the success of the system.

RFID Benefits

RFID will have a major impact on many business arenas. Real-time information will be available in countless situations where previously only sketchy details were available.To quote from the RFID industry "No one wants to be the first but everyone is afraid of being the second". Early adoption, still considered to be risky, is still the best course an organization can take to gain a competitive advantage over its business rival. Piloting and other site design can be studied and implemented before enterprise wide adoption is commissioned. Organizations should look at impact it would have on its business and should follow the technology. These piloting will give better insights into the organizations business and help them to plan the next steps with greater confidence.

Let our demonstrated expertise in reducing the risks and exploiting the benefits of new technology platforms work for you.

The Future of RFID

RFID is said by many in the industry to be the frontrunner technology for automatic identification and data collection. The biggest, as of yet unproven, benefit would ultimately be in the consumer goods supply chain where an RFID tag attached to a consumer product could be tracked from manufacturing to the retail store right to the consumer's home.

Many see RFID as a technology in its infancy with an untapped potential. While we may talk of its existence and the amazing ways in which this technology can be put to use, until there are more standards set within the industry and the cost of RFID technology comes down we won't see RFID systems reaching near their full potential anytime soon.