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Americana Computer Systems

IT Solutions

Americana Computer Systems is one-stop solutions for all service needs today. Americana Computer's professional services division draws up the following products:

  • Desktop & Server Management Software Solutions
  • IT Security Softwares
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
  • Software and Network support (SNS)
  • Document Management System
  • Americana Computer Systems offer the latest in Networking solutions from the industry's leading vendors like Cisco, Intel, IBM, Avaya etc with pre implementation and post implementation support.

    In addition to all the above products, Americana Computer Systems also cater to allthe other ancillary IT requirements of the customerlike UPS Power Protection from Tripp-Lite and other UPS vendors, Back up solutions from IBM, HP etc. All software solutions to meet your requirements from leading software vendors like, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec.